June 20, 2007

Sweets from Germany!

Today´s Swedish word: Tyskland. Means Germany.
Ooooh, sorry sorry sorry for dragging so much behind posting about this. Too much weddings! Anyway. Of course I participated in the 7th round of EBBP, Euro Blogging By Post, hosted by the passionate cook Johanna, and here is what turned up in my mailbox a week or so ago. Süßigkeiten from Florian of Küchenkrieg - all the way from Hamburg, Germany!

I got all sorts of stuff - even ice cream! (unfrozen!) Oooh, I really have to get a new camera but the ice cream is the blurry thing in the middle in front of the Kinderegg, a regular treat for Swedish children too! You know - it is chocolate, a toy and a surprise! I also got other chocolates, biscuits, jelly, cherry lollies... oh, and some smurfs of which the daddy-smurf apparently is the best. I haven´t tried him yet! All the sweets came with a nice long letter explaining about everything, giving me a recipe for the jelly (thank you! My German is not what it should be. At all.) and a personal story behind each item.
Thank you so much Florian! If you want to know more about the EBBP round head over here to read!

June 18, 2007

Sister of the bride

Today´s Swedish word: brud. Means bride.
Did you miss me? I have missed myself too! For a couple of weeks my whole mind (almost, I had to spare some space for my exam in law) has been occupied with this gorgeous girl, my dearest sister Helena, and her wedding.
Our flat is a mess, I have barely cooked anything in weeks and the intray is out of control but what does it matter when you get to share such a magic day with all your family and relatives? We also got to tie two families together in more than one way. Not only did these two marry each other but we all got to know each other while preparing for the party. We worked all night on Friday laying tables, making flower arrangements and I prepared small sandwiches with creme fraiche, sundried tomatoes and basil. I also (beforehand!) made the wonderful biscotti with ginger, almonds and pink peppercorns from the passionate cook. A great success with the bubbly and strawberries when the bride and groom had arrived - her riding a large black horse and him walking by her side...
We celebrated all night, eating and dancing and singing, and the next day we had a do in my parents´garden with lunch and coffee with leftover wedding cake. Now I am a bit tired but it will be back to normal in a few days I guess. And our flat will be clean and proper again and we will plan our vacation and I will fill in all the boring forms for my part-time unemplyment. It will all feel better to do all this when I have nice memories like this wedding to think of!
And I will cook again, and blog - about sweets from Germany and LA, veggies, rhubarb and loads of other stuff. And in a month we will head off for another wedding!
P.S. Of course we had cheesecake for dessert! D.S.