July 17, 2007

Wedding: the food!

Today´s Swedish word: tallrik. Means plate.

OK, so we have come to the food! All was prepared by relatives and friends for the buffet. This is my plate, loaded about a week ago...

  • spring rolls

  • tzatziki

  • smoked salmon

  • potato salad

  • bean salad

  • tomato salad

  • roast beef

  • "tjälknöl", another kind of cold sliced meat

  • lamb sausages

  • my uncle´s tapenade

  • ... and I am sure I forgot something!

For starters we had my uncle´s lobster soup, served in jugs to pour over little bowls with crawfish tails and dill - a very nice way to serve this. After the buffet and before the dancing we had chocolate tarts with raspberries in them, decorated with rose petals.

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