January 06, 2008

Last year - I dared...nothing?

Hahaha, I just re-read my foodie resolutions for 2007 with a grin on my face. What has become of them? Absolutely nothing! But since I am good at forgiving myself for things I did (or did not) that didn´t harm anyone anyway I am simply putting them up again for 2008! Isn´t that neat? Some of them will be easy, some of them not. But then there is always 2009!

1. I will make my own pasta
2. I will take a class in how to handle and cook fresh fish
3. I will make sausages from scratch (that will have to wait until Christmas)
4. I will make sourdough bread
5. I will make wine leaf dolmadas
6. I will make pear preserves with ginger and lingonberries this autumn
7. (new) I will not feed my baby food from a jar unless it is an emergency

And I have made other things this year, really! I have further explored Lithuanian and Estonian cuisine, I have ordered veggie boxes, I made my own red cabbage for Christmas for the first time, I have become a cooking teacher... And above all I lost my job, got a new one, became pregnant and bought a house and moved. Christ, 2007 has been busy! Not sausage-making, though.


Pille said...

I'd be keen to see that pear and gingerbread and lingonberry post this year - sounds exciting! But with all the moving and travelling and job-changing and pregnancy it's surely been one busy year for you. Wish you all the best in 2008, Clivia!!

Steve said...

What did you do during all of your free time? Please send me your new address again. I wrote it down but can't find it.

Clivia said...

Pille, maybe I should try and make it soon then while we still have the winter season here - and my mother´s home made gingerbread in a tin on the shelf... they are decreasing!
And Steve, I forgot to mention that I during this year also have studied law! So lots of studying too...

Rachael said...

Well, sausage making can be time consuming. (Giggle)

It still sounds like you had a pretty fab year...heres to the new one being even more exciting!


Anna Lundbergh said...

I think you have put your energy in the right spots indeed during 2007 and I am very happy and excited for you! By the way, didn't A make sourdough bread for the household!?
Best wishes for 2008!