July 21, 2008

Always Estonia!

Back home again after almost a week in Estonia, as usual for us in summer. And as usual we have brought home some beer and salted cucumbers and lots of happy memories. The photo is from lovely Haapsalu, where you can see the men in my life walking towards The Wiigi Kohvik to have a light dinner. It was a lovely summer´s evening and we sat on the veranda having a salad of peaches and shrimps (me - it was a little too light but beautifully presented) and something with duck breast (my man - he liked it very much). The little man had some milk, so far he is more a gourmand than a gourmet.

Estonia is really special to me although I don´t have any family history there as A does. I like the nature, the sea, the beaches, the people, the food... And yes - I had the great pleasure of meeting Pille too!

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Pille said...

The pleasure was all mine, Kristina!!