December 05, 2008

It´s all Denmarks fault

You must think I am crazy or something, a hiatus again. But this time I have a better excuse than just lacking inspiration; just a few weeks ago A came home from work (a certain Swedish telecom company) and said that they wanted him to work in Denmark for a while. Then we heard almost nothing for a week, and then it happened all at once. The Danes wanted them (there are two more of his colleagues) to start in late November, so could we just leave in five days? Ummm - yes...?
So a lot of quick packing and preparing and looking up the best way to get to Denmark with a 8 months old baby - last Sunday we were on our way in the car. We drove to Varberg on the west coast and the baby slept almost the whole time(!) and then after meeting a dear friend and spending the night at a very nice hotel we took the ferry over to Grenå, Jutland, Denmark on Monday morning and then drove down to Aarhus where D and I now is spending our time in best possible ways until daddy comes home from work. Our kitchen is tiny with almost no kitchen utensils and food prices are insane so the most exciting thing I have made the last week is potato soup (I decided after much pondering to buy a bag of onions so I could add one to it - it was really too expensive. I mean. Onions. Yellow onions! And they are so expensive!) Nothing to blog about, in other words!

Now don´t think I am complaining too much, or that I don´t like Denmark because I do! I like the city Aarhus and the nice people and the language (oh yeah, really) and I might even blog occasionally - but well, I am not sure. We go back to Sweden for Christmas and then I hope to get going again.


Pene said...

What an adventure, Kristina!! How long will you be there for?
And how much are onions? I agree that they should be cheap, they are here, even he ones from Holland.
You'll have to start a list of things that you want to bring back with you. Best of luck to you all.

mina said...

haha! i love how swedes describe the danish language and vice versa. (:

sorry to hear about the onions... where did you see them so expensive? i usually buy around a kilo for 12dkk. i agree that prices are high here and vaguely remember that bananas and apples were cheaper in stockholm... oh well. at least we have rugbrød! :D

Steve said...

You can't use the Denmark excuse forever!

Anonymous said...

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