April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!

Easter is my favourite foodie holiday because I feel it is allowed to play around a little with the food. Christmas has more traditions (also delicious). We are going to A´s parents tonight and have a little Easter buffet. Our contribution will be some pickled herring, a delicious salmon paté with cloudberry sauce and some egg halves with (I plan) a dollop on each with a mix of yoghurt, dill, mayonnaise and dijon mustard and topped off with some fresh prawns. I also have a Janssons frestelse in the oven right now but we will keep it for ourselves. Besides, my father-in-law makes a great one.
On the menu from this kitchen for the Easter is also salmon, pork loin, asparagus and muffins with yoghurt and banana - stay tuned for recipes (now I am too hungry and will go and make myself and egg and anchovy sandwich).

Today´s picture is from another kitchen, my parent´s, where Nisse the cat celebrate the sun with a good cleaning!

Happy Easter, all!


kipperfrog said...

Happy Easter to you too! =) wow cloudberry is so yummy!

Zoubida said...

Very Happy Easter to you Clivia!

Pille said...

Happy Easter, Kristina!
Looking forward to the recipes!

Ivonne said...

Sounds lovely, Clivia!

I hope you had a lovely Easter!