November 13, 2006

Peace in Gamla stan

Today´s Swedish word: spegel. Means mirror.

You know how you sometimes just cannot go to sleep? Random thoughts keeps popping up in your head, your PJ´s gets twisted around your back and your legs and suddenly you feel hungry. That happened this past night and I lay awake between midnight and about 3.00. Sigh. With a heavy head and very heavy eye-lids I decided to treat myself to a bagel and good coffee for lunch at Coffee Cup, a café chain up on Västerlånggatan here in Old Town which is quite good. Well, on my way there I stumbled upon a new place called Spegeln (see above) and was lured inside because it looked so nice.
And oh, that was lucky! A parma ham focaccia, a salad and a good strong cappucino later I feel (almost) refreshed from my bad night. Focaccias in this town tends to be rather pricey and not so exciting, but this one (for 60 SEK) came with a fresh salad and was filled with lots of ham, lots of sundried tomato and basil and a lovely cheese. And above all, it was presented to me very nicely cut in smaller pieces which allowed me to hold a very good book in one hand and with the other pick up the sandwich bite by bite. When I told the owner how pleased I was with his design he said that he always cut the focaccia like that for girls because they like to nibble! Isn´t that sweet?

And the place was very cozy with lots of mirrors, comfy chairs and sofas and nice corners where you can rest your tired head. And the staff was very friendly and attentive. Go there if you want some peace in Gamla stan!

Old Town Spegeln, Västerlånggatan 34, Gamla Stan, Stockholm

And sorry, but my life is a bit hectic right now so I don´t think I will have much time to update in the coming days...


Henrik said...

I remember Spegeln from mid-nineties; they always had really nice staff there. Glad to see they are still going, I think I'll have to stop by there next time I'm in the country.

KrakelSpektakel said...

Vargtimmen verkar vara något som inte drabbar mig. Jag snusar och sknarkar på som aldrig förr! Tur för dig att du hittade ett mysigt café. Var kaffe-killen snygg?

Clivia said...

Henrik, I don´t know if I have seen this café before. I was there a year ago but then it was a completely different interior and menu. Hmm. But it was great anyhow!
Krakel, ja det var som sänt från ovan att få sitta där och läsa och komma till sans igen. Kaffekillen var snygg om man gillar äldre män ;-) men där fanns några yngre också. Alla lika trevliga!