May 30, 2007

Another Swedish cheesecake

Today´s Swedish word: ost. Means cheese.

I have written before about Swedish cheesecake, different types and recipes. When we were up north last weekend we passed the absolutely stunningly beautiful landscape Hälsingland and layed our greedy hands on a large piece of cheesecake the Hälsingland way. Here it is, slightly warmed and served with a nice spoonful of cloudberry jam. We bought it at a regular food store in Järvsö, 30 kilometres north of the place where my mother grew up.

I won´t give you the recipe at the moment, I have never made it myself and those who knows things say that making Hälsingeostkaka is much harder than Smålandsostkaka. But since A is really pissed off that I just stole the last piece like this I guess I will have to start experimenting in the kitchen...
This cheesecake is more smooth than the Småland cheesecake, and a little bit chewy - like halloumi but not salty at all and not that solid. I guess (but have never tried) that you could try and slice it and fry in butter, cinnamon and sugar! Mmmmm.
Next time we´ll have Hälsingeostkaka is at my cousin´s wedding in July, and next time we´ll have Smålandsostkaka is at my sister´s wedding in just over two weeks!


First cuisine said...

Aaaaah, that is the most beautiful picture i have ever seen! I´ll be sitting here with a silly smile on my face for the rest of the day now, dreaming of Hälsinge cheescake. Aaaaah!

Pelle said...

Yesterday me and daddy had some kalvdans, that is pudding made of colostrum milk. Very chewy indeed, maybe because the cow had calfed 7 times. See you at wedding- Pelle

Chanterelle said...

Ok, for an American reader who will be in Järvsö in July, where can I sample this delicacy????

If I go to Småland as well I'll make a point of tasting that version, too (my friend there will know all about it).

Which version do you prefer?

Clivia said...

Chanterelle, Järvsö is a very good place to be in July! You can find cheesecake at for example the café at Stene gård, and in the food stores. Cheesecake the Småland way can in the same way be found at more traditional cafés but also in almost every food store all over Sweden. Look for the brand Frödinge, it is not the real thing but close enough. Or if you go to Vrigstad, buy Vrigstads ostkaka which tastes like home made. Drop me a line if you want any vacation tips!

Steve said...

I haven't tried the Smålands variety yet. I can't translate "ostlöpe" either. I suspect it's something like yogurt starter. Have a great summer. Take in a wedding or two.

Kinna said...

So, now you have to give us the secret of how to make this. I have never heard of a chewy one. =)

Anonymous said...


Thanks SOOOO much for the tips on ostkaka. I have tasted the Hälsingland type, at Harsagården, and was able to find Småland ostkaka at the Statoil in Vrigstad (we were passing through too early to visit the bakery). The two are delicious but NOTHING alike. When I finally get my own blog going I can post the recipe for Hälsingland cheesecake, though you´re right, it´s quite a project, though not difficult.

Is there anything special to try in Vadstena?