May 24, 2007


Today´s Swedish word: trevlig. Means nice.
If you have plans on vacation in Stockholm I know a place where you can eat. Well, I know a lot of places but until now it has been quite hard to find something decent in the very heart of our beautiful capital. There are good places in the south, north, east and west - and Gamla Stan - but if you are hungry around Sergels torg there are mostly fast food restaurants and boring cafés.
Go to Café Bolero at Klarabergsgatan, right across the street from the large department store Åhléns. I was on my way to Burger King some Fridays ago with a severe dip of blood sugar after a shopping round (dress for my sister´s wedding) when I suddenly recalled the
Swedish food blogger Alice Brax writing about some place in the city and turned on the heel to go there instead and wait for my equally low-blood-sweet boyfriend.
After a fantastic salad with beef, lettuce, olives and parmesan cheese for me and a grilled chicken sandwich for him we were both nice and sweet again, our wallets only slightly lighter (i.e. reasonable prices) and our bodies very relaxed after sitting on a soft couch listening to nice latino music.
Go there!


Pille said...

Thanks for the tip - will keep that in mind for my next Stockholm visit!

Anna said...

And don't forget that it's quite big!
In Feb I went there with 8 colleagues at lunch time...uh, might not work anymore if it's growing popular though...

Wendy said...

Off to Stockholm later this summer. Will definitely try this place out. Thanks!

Clivia said...

Pille and Wendy, you are both welcome to Stockholm! Let me know if you need any more tips.

Anonymous said...






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