August 21, 2007

Another Pasta salad

Today´s Swedish word: matsäck. Means picnic.

Still many things going on in my life and not enough time for blogging, or cooking but I at least do it more often now than a month ago. I have been back to work for two weeks and it is OK considering I work part-time and hence have the possibility to enjoy the summer weather which of course showed up right on time for work to begin again.

This time of year we try to have a really quick dinner and then go out to the cottage or take the bikes and go for a swim after work. And sometimes we don´t even want to wait for dinner, but go immediately. This pasta salad was brought to the cottage last week in my beloved collapsible Tupperware bowl (you can even put it in the diswasher when it is flat like a pancake and it still gets clean!), paired with grilled chicken from the deli and the broad bean mash for dressing/dipping. Very good!


Steve said...

Enjoy the rest of your summer. You'll get to pay for it soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is gorgeous. So colorful, crisp and tempting. I love your blog!