October 05, 2007

Cooking class

Today´s Swedish word: kurs. Means course, or class.

My life has been pretty intense these past months and I have had little time for food blogging and even cooking, sadly. But after my recent trip (see below) to Tallinn to meet my blogging friends I got new inspiration, and since four weeks back I have another source of inspiration: I have become a cooking teacher!

I have got a new job since april at an organisation which arranges courses for adults in everything from languages to yoga - a lovely job! Anyway, I don´t work full time and therefore had the possibility to take on a cooking class on Fridays, starting about a month ago. And it is so much fun! I only have three pupils but for a new teacher like me it is totally OK. We have great fun together and try many things - they are so brave and never turn a recipe of mine down! This has been on the menus so far:

Beetroot soup with sour cream and chopped pickled cucmbers, fake cheesecake for dessert

Stuffed peppers, some with
lentils and some with mince and olives, Blå Jungfruns muffins for dessert

African stew" with home made peanut butter, Gino for dessert

Fish stew with root vegetables, apple crumble

Salad with whole wheat, marinated in a vinaigrette with sundried tomatoes and garlic, loads of veg like cucumber, tomato, peppers and onions - served with oven grilled chicken. Dessert: ice cream with lemon marinated blackberries.

The upcoming Friday we will cook meatloaf. What next? I don´t know... Any ideas?


Steve said...

The Pork Sautés recipe I sent you a while back if 5 star eating at a 1 star price. It's even pretty good; and it's easy.

Rachael said...

That is so wonderful! I love teaching cooking, it is the best. Good luck!

dimath said...

Hello Kristina..
my sister wants to learn how to cook and/or bake. I was looking for courses during july/august because she's only going to be here during summer. where do u give your course? and is it still on-going for that period?
thanks in advance :)