October 02, 2007

A lovely day in Tallinn

Today´s Swedish word: Estland. Means Estonia.

I have written quite a lot about Estonia here on this blog, a country I first visited in 1992 in a youth exchange. Then I met A, whose mother is Estonian-Swedish and that has led to me visiting this fantastic country many times. When I found Pille´s blog I was delighted, what a great way to learn more about Estonian culture and above all, food!

From the start I had a feeling that Pille must be a very, very nice person and a week ago I finally got to meet her and get that feeling confirmed! Anne, Dagmar and me arranged to go overseas with Tallink Victoria to our closest capital, Tallinn, for shopping and sightseeing - and meeting Pille of course. After a very calm night at sea we arrived in a sunny lovely September Tallinn on a Tuesday morning when everyone else was at work. Could life be better? We had a lovely day shopping, chatting, having coffee and eating and admiring the view from Toompea. Thank you so much Pille for guiding and feeding us, and thank you Anne and Dagmar for great travel company! Next time I hope we won´t have to listen to car alarms all night though (the journey back wasn´t nearly as calm as the first night...)

Read more about our day in Tallinn and see pictures over at Pille´s and Dagmar´s!


Pille said...

Kristina - the pleasure was all mine! It was so nice to finally meet all three of you - especially as I've been reading your blogs for such a long time, and felt a strong Nordic 'affinity', if one can say so.
Hope to meet you again soon!

Dagmar - A Cat in the Kitchen said...

I had a lovely time and you were a great travel company. I suggest that we'll visit Pille next year again :-)