May 07, 2006

BBQ premier with home made potato salad

Another premier yesterday, first barbecue of the year with good friends, catching up and admiring a baby girl, three weeks old. I also did a lot of playing with her big sister, aged 2, who is very talkative and takes her new role in the family very seriously. She told me several times: "it is my little sister!" and when I held the baby she came and said "help out!" Of course she could. I lifted her up to my lap so she could help me keep the baby happy with a lot of hugging and kissing. What could be better an evening in May, entertaining two adorable little girls and enjoying a good meal outside in the garden?

For the grill we tried one of two samples I got when I attended my first (and last? Quite a unique arrangement) press release barbecue lunch this Wednesday at Scan, with Anne. More on that later. We got some steaks called Mammut, that´s mammoth in Swedish (by the way, do you know why there are not any mammuts left? There were no papputs! Haaahaaahaaa! Get it? Pappa is father in Swedish) and some ready skewers and I brought the mammuts to the party. Normally I prefer to choose and spice my own meat for the grill but this kind of meat ready for the grill come in handy many times. I think I will try the Mammuts again this summer because the taste was really really good and the meat (pork) very tender, but the skewers were nothing for me, something with the spice... A matter of taste perhabs?

Now back to our Saturday dinner. I really hate that greasy mayonniase-y white potato salad you buy in plastic boxes. Expensive and with an ingredient list longer than... oh I don´t know. A snake? Anyway, I always make my own and almost never use "white" things - I prefer vinaigrette or a good stock to flavour the potatoes but will maybe try it out with some Greek yoghurt soon.

Potato salad with variations
I don´t give exact quantities, merely an idea of what I ususally whip up in summer when I want a potato salad...

Boil 1-2 medium potato per person - watch it so it doesn´t overcook because you don´t want that. Cut in nice chunks.
While the potatoes are still warm, this is essential so they really suck in the taste, toss them with some good vinaigrette spiced with what you prefer - mustard or herbs or a little garlic... Let it sit until it has cooled off, then carefully stir in for example:
  • capers, turnip kale, green pepper and zucchini as in the picture
  • ground feta cheese and very finely sliced leeks
  • very finely chopped red onion
  • chives
  • fresh herbs of your choice - like parsley, basil, thyme
  • rocket salad

Enjoy your summer evenings!

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Zoubida said...

You had a really young guest among your friends Clivia. 3 weeks is brand new to the world. :-))
I'm like you, the white so-called potato salad we never buy. I discovered it when I came to Canada 11 years ago. I still don't understand people actually buy the stuff.
I'll add feta cheese next time. It's good idea. Never thought of it.