May 14, 2006

Flying Jacob

Flying Jacob is a true Swedish classic and true comfort food. Fat-wise it has it all - bacon, whipping cream, grilled chicken and peanuts. And taste-wise it is simply glorious, even if you don´t want to have it every day, not even every month. I tried to find out some history about this rather peculiar dish but didn´t succeed. Maybe someone else knows?

Anyway, yesterday after nearly a full day´s work cleaning out the office in our dancing club´s house I made a "Jacob" for dinner and we enjoyed it on the balcony watching the sunset. Sorry about the lousy picture... Try this recipe - and then compensate by having something healthier the day after!

Flying Jacob
Serves 4-6
4 servings of plain rice, cooked
1 grilled chicken
150 grams streaky bacon, cut in pieces and fried until crisp
300 ml whipping cream
50 ml chili sauce or ketchup
100 ml toasted and salted peanuts
2 bananas

Spread the rice in an ovenproof dish. Take off the skin from the chicken and shred all the meat. Spread it over the rice. Slice the banans and put them on the chicken. Whip the cream and stir in the chili sauce, spread it over the chicken. Top with bacon and peanuts and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes on medium heat, 200-225 degrees. Serve immediately with a fresh salad.
Some people include a little curry powder in the cream but I don´t. You can also serve the rice on the side if you want


Ivonne said...

What an interesting dish and name! And I think the picture looks great!

firstcuisin said...

This is said to be the story behind Flying Jacob:
Air freight pilot Ove Jacobsson was hungry. He was in a hurry too, so...
He got the bacon idea from Spaghetti carbonara. He remembered the bananas and the peanuts from a pork fillet dish, but as he was stressed, he choosed already fried chicken.
The Flying Jacob dish was born.