May 26, 2006

Oh Lord(i)

On TV right now - an outdoor concert live from Helsinki with the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest, Lordi. Now I know what they did with all the leftover orch costumes from the Lord of the Rings movie. At least some of them were sold to this bizarre Finnish rock band! Also they resembles the rubber dinosaurs my brother collected when he was little. But where did they get that mummy on a stick they are waving?
Lazy thoughts from the couch! We are enjoying a lovely long weekend, starting yesterday on Thursday. Today it feels like Saturday but it is Friday. Earlier it felt like a Sunday but it wasn´t. It is raining but I am enjoying myself by planning for the balcony garden and of course cooking. And we are also planning our coming holiday in Latvia and Estonia. July 7th we are leaving for Riga, and then driving over the islands Saaremaa and Hiumaa to Estonia. So now we have lots to do booking ferry tickets and accomodation...

This post is to announce an important thing: I have had matje herring for the first time this year. Ask any Swede (almost) and the thought of matje herring with new potatoes and sourcream, gräddfil brings tears in their eyes. Not without reason, it is extremely tasty! Other tasty things this weekend: kroppkakor, (like gnocchi balls with filling of ham and onion) made by my dear man yesterday, roasted asparagus with Västerbotten cheese and a lovely sweet and sour beef and dill casserole I am cooking tomorrow.

Ah, sorry for this blah blah posting - just felt like writing something!


Pille said...

Hi Kristina - oh Lordi:)
I will be in Estonia for a week or two in the middle of July (and in Stockholm on July 8-9th) - drop me a line if you want to meet up for a drink in Gamla Stan/Vanalinn!

Clivia said...

Pille, I would love to meet you but we leave for Riga on Friday evening the 7th. On the other hand we will stay in Latvia and Estonia for nearly two weeks so a date in Tallinn instead is a possibility! I am so looking forward to this trip, I haven´t been to Estonia for two years and really miss it. Yesterday I made our first cottage reservation...

Steve said...

I'm jealous. I wanted to go go Tallinn in 1969 but couldn't because of all that stupid cold war visa nonsense. Phooey. Have a nice trip.

petra said...

Hej Clivia,
First I just want to say I love stopping in and reading what you are up to - a mini vacation to the homeland every day of the week, I live in Los Angeles.
Have you been to Riga before? If not don't miss the Zeppelin Salu Hallen - absolutely amazing - I couldn't stop taking pictures or buying spices and honey and seed packets[great gifts].
Also, just before you enter old town next to the"clock" is a great place to stop for a coffee. Jurmula is also worth a visit.
Happy Tuesday.

Clivia said...

thanks for great tips for Riga. A special thanks for the foodie tip about the market! We bring our car so I have room for quite some food shopping... I look forward to this very much! And no, I haven´t been there before but my boyfriend has.