July 23, 2006

Souvenirs from Estonia

The grand finale of our summer holidays in Estonia is usually a stop at a supermarket on our way up to Tallinn and the ferry. The first year I was mainly interested in buying beer but my interest has gradually turned more and more to the other shelves of Maksimarked. Thanks to Pille I left all the beer responsibilities (we simply have to bring some good Estonian A Le Coq home!) this year and concentrated on other things, like running around for ages looking for Kama, choosing the best pickled cucumber and drooling over the chocolate department.
Waiting in line my basket contained the following (cannot you just tell I am a foodie now?)
  • 1 large jar of pickled cucumbers
  • Several small bags of bread snacks, like croutons with intriguing flavours like salmon caviar and pickled cucumbers
  • 4 small and 2 big Kamatahvels
  • 1 bag of Kama
  • 1 mini muffin tray, impossible to find in Sweden. At least for about 70 SEK.
  • 1 piece of salad cutlery made of wood
  • 5 small viru valge coolers (for my neighbour who kindly looked after our home) and 1 Vana Tallinn cooler for us to taste
  • 1 dark chocolate bar for my father

In the car were also several loaves of Estonian rye bread, a jar of Latvian honey bought in sign language from a nice lady in the market in Riga, a bottle of Riga Balzams (not mine) and the vodka in the picture, bought in Haapsalu for making Ilvas Limoncello (sorry, recipe in Swedish. I made half a batch). You are supposed to use 95% alcohol and the strongest you can get here (at least legally, which I definitely prefer) is 40% but in Haapsalu I found this 80% vodka which I hope will work out fine. It has to sit for 5 days and then a whole month before tasting but I assure you I will report back about the outcome... I have never made liquor before so this is exciting!

Now back to the kitchen. After no cooking apart from some pasta for over 10 days I have lots of catching-up to do! For instance I now have 6 skinless lemons to take care of. Marmalade?


Steve said...

Wow! Don't prepare your Limoncello near an open flame.

Tanna said...

Aren't we funny the way we really "need" to cook. Enjoy your kitchen time.
Sounds like a great shopping time!!

Pille said...
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Pille said...

Gosh, you are one well-stocked and informed tourist, Clivia:) I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to my part of the Northern Europe, and that you didn't mind the heat too much!