September 18, 2006


By accident I missed the big election party in Stockholm so no drink like this tonight - this is a very good and cheap Strawberry Margaritha in Riga this summer. But I went to another, smaller, party here in my hometown where we enjoyed good food, wine and above all the victory. Not only did we win over the socialists in the parliament elections - we also won in our town together with some other parties and that my friends was totally unexpected. So I am celebrating now and will continue to do so for weeks. Everything is just glorious.
I just came home and turned on the computer to unwind. Hmm, no success. I keep reading the figures and statistics and get more and more excited about our results. For example we have had 1 Member of Parliament representing our party for the whole Stockholm region the last four years. Now we have - tadaaaaa! - 5. Five. I repeat, 5.

Oh gosh. And now when the elections are finally over I will try and concentrate on my cooking again and also I have a few new things to tell you about, like the red kidney bean bread rolls.

Good Night!


Pene said...

Congratulations, Kristina! All that hard work has reaped its rewards. And are YOU one of the elected?

Kinna said...

Congratulations and well done for all of you who have worked your buts of. (hope it spells like this) =)