September 14, 2006

Elections hiatus

Hello all, and sorry for my long silence. So, what am I doing instead of writing? Well, firstly it is the elections coming up which causes a lot of work but also is very fun. "My" party is the Center party which can be described as a green social liberal party, and yesterday we received the good news that we are now the third largest party and also that we together with the three other cooperating parties in Alliance for Sweden are slightly larger than the socialist block! Well, we will have to wait until Sunday before we know if we succeeds - but it feels good. Anne and I are planning for a celebration fika next week, and if we cannot celebrate victory (we are on the same side, although not in the same party), we can celebrate that the elections are over!

Another thing distracting me from blogging is the big dance camp we arranged this past weekend for "our" dancing kids and a visiting group of other young dancers from the lovely island Gotland. All in all we had 25 children (mostly girls) aged 10-16 years living on the dance floor for three nights and they had a lot of fun of course. We too had a lot of fun, but sleeping on the floor is a completely different experience for a 32-year old compared to a 12-year old. I was so so tired this Sunday and had very little resistence when a virus decided to invade my poor body. So here I am the week before elections, with fiever and a terrible cold.

And what about today´s picture? Can you see the mooses? I took this picture in late June on the way home from a dancing evening but haven´t had the opportunity to show it yet. Well, in a month´s time these guys are in real danger because in October the moose hunting season starts*. Sadly I don´t know any hunters, otherwise maybe I could get hold of some moose meat which is so delicious. You rarely see it in the meat shelves in the shop, but I will try to cook at least something with moose later this autumn.

See you after the elections!

* Politics again... Sweden is as you may know a little famous for our good opportunities to stay at home with small children for about 18 months, the same right for mothers and fathers. Well, can you guess what time of year it is most common to take a paternity leave? That´s right, in October. And the highest exploitation of this is in northern Sweden where they hunt *a lot*. Humph.


Steve said...

As recently as 40 years ago, your grandfather did. I don't suspect that he has any left in the frezer. Moose is good. So is reindeer, which I suspect you can still get at the corner store.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like I'd be a member of your party, were I Swedish!

Just a reminder: your BBM package should be shipped out today!

Please let me know when it's on it's way.


maiko said...

so your fika will be a celebration. congrats! :-)

Clivia said...

Yes, yes, yes! We will celebrate on Tuesday! We won!