October 10, 2006

EBBP from Dianne

When I first participated in BBM last year I never thought I would be addicted to it, but as it turns out I have taken every opportunity since to send and receive foodie things. Last week I participated in BBM, sending to Melbourne and receiving from Syracuse. This week I have been sending to Shoreham-by-Sea and receiving from Southsea, both UK via EBBP organised by Johanna of The Passionate Cook. Every time I think that maybe I should just not join next time, because my kitchen cupboards are bulging with things and also it takes a little time, money and effort. But you know, when a new round of BBM or EBBP is coming I just cannot resist. I love putting together the parcel and figure out what my receiver would appreciate the most, and I also love to get a parcel from a secret Santa somewhere! Better still, the parcels tend to arrive on the gloomiest, most boring days, to cheer me up!

Back to my latest parcel, which I consequently picked up this Saturday when I had a cold coming with sore throat, runny nose etc. and the rain was just bucketing down, cold and unpleasant. I picked up a heavy parcel in green plastic cover (so practical this day!) and headed home to open it immediately. As it turned out it was from Dianne over at A gluten-free journey and she sent me all sorts of lovely things. First of all a card which described everything and also advised me to immediately have a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows (Dianne supplied me with both) and go read the food magazine Country Kitchen which she also sent me. So I did, but first I took a photo of all her goodies: apart from marshmallows, instant cocoa drink and the food magazine I got some fine-looking Shrewsbury cookies and a piece of Cheddar cheese (yum! I just love Cheddar!) and a jar of Hampshire honey. Dianne wrote that she actually lives close to the beehives and maybe the bees who made this honey were the ones who had tried to sting her all summer. Can it be more local?
Thank you so much for all this Dianne, and thank you Johanna for organising! I don´t think I will be able to resist next time either - I already have some ideas on what to send...


Dianne said...

Hi Kristina

I'm glad you liked your EBBP parcel. I enjoyed putting it together for you, and just hoped that you would like it. Although the honey was a bit cheeky, I looked on your blog and saw a post you had written about your love of different honey's


Clivia said...

Oh yes, I love honey and use it both in food and baking. I always bring home some honey when I go on vacation, it is such a good souvenir. Useful and also it lasts for a very long time! Your hampshire honey share room with tasmanian leatherwood honey from Australia, chestnut honey and lavender honey from Brussels and honey with almonds and nuts from Greece!

Steve said...

Sounds good. It gives me a few ideas.

Andrew said...

How great is that! I too sent off some very-close-to-hom honey this time. Hope you can wait until January for the next round - hopefully it will lighten up the dull days of winter for us all.

Anonymous said...






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