October 26, 2006

Introducing new feature - Swedish words!

I have decided to celebrate my blog´s 1st birthday not only with cake, but also by introducing a new feature: Swedish words. Often, but not always food-related, and always related to my postings. Enjoy!

Today´s Swedish word: ord. Means word!


Rachael said...

I love it!

(I tried to look up how to translate that to Swedish, but there seem to be at least 8 ways to say "love." Hee hee.)

Clivia said...

Thanks Rachael!
I think the appropriate way to translate I love it in this context is "Vilken bra idé" or something, which means more exatcly what a good idea!

Ivonne said...

I love it, Clivia!

I can't wait to learn Swedish with you!