October 26, 2006


Today´s Swedish word: lyx. Means luxury

My man works for a certain Swedish cell phone company, and they have the very good habit of awarding their employees sometimes by giving them something called dinner for two. The idea is that you get a card entitling you to a meal for two at a restaurant of your own choice. You go there, you eat, you drink, you pay - and then you get all the money back on your next salary. Isn´t that neat?

Anyway. We chose Operakällaren, one of Stockholm´s oldest and finest restaurants. It opened in 1787 in the old Opera and since 1895 it has been in the same building as we entered, a little nervously, this Saturday in September. The diningroom was redecorated last year and in a very good way. As you can see in the picture (borrowed from Operakällarens homepage) the modern chairs goes well with all the gold!

Oh, what can I say other than it was wonderful. The staff was so nice, the food was fantastic and so beautifully presented, the wine was fantastic (we had our own sommelier!)... We chose the tasting menu with wine and this is what we had! And sorry, I cannot find the wine collection on their homepage - I write down what I remember and update the rest later)

Sea urchin soup with crab, clams, oysters and Iranian caviar (A´s favourite)
(with champagne!)

Fried langoustine tails with chickpea purée and mint jus (my favourite!)
(Ooh, I think it was Chateauneuf du Pape with this...)
Fried fillet of turbot with poached egg and potato purée with anchovy

French pigeon stuffed with horns of plenty with roasted walnuts, creamy lentils and grape sauce

A selection of cheeses
(with port wine from 1969!)

Lemon mousse with Malibou foam and Mojito flavoured sorbet

Apple variation with soufflé, terrine and Calvados cream
(I think it was Vinsanto with this)
Pastry delicacies
(This was so great! A small piece of marmalade, a sugar stick with melon liqeur inside, and a piece of French nougat)
It was really great to get this opportunity, since this kind of fine dining is a tad (!!) expensive for us, but at the end of the meal I said to A. that this is worth paying for, even without a refund from the very kind cell phone company. I was simply in foodie paradise!


Lexi said...

how much did it all cost? and happy 1st blog birthday!!!

Clivia said...

2000 per person! Tee hee...

Steve said...

I have a more apropos word of the day for you: DYR

But it did sound good.

Lexi said...

*cough* I choked on the 2000/person... I knew I'd never be able to afford it, but I was hoping...

Pille said...

What a feast! I haven't eaten there, but I've heard about the place previously - their baltic herring is quite famous and I've even got a recipe for that!

Kinna said...

Fantastic dinner! I envy you (but just a little). A couple of times in my life I have had the opportunity to eat like this and it is worth the money. I rather have sucha a thing for birthday or x-mas than any other gift. =)