December 07, 2006

... and counting

Today`s Swedish word: raket. Means rocket.

This time of year the main topic in Swedish media usually is the Nobel Prize ceremony which takes place on Sunday. Well, not this year. In less than 24 hours, if the weather permits, we will have The First Swede In Space and that is almost the only thing you read about in the papers. (Well, there are also some articles about the popular docu-soap "Farmer seeks wife" which already has resulted in one wedding.)

Our Swedish astronaut is called Christer Fuglesang and he has waited 14 years for this - good luck Christer! I hope you will be back in time for Christmas, safe and sound and well-traveled. And here he is in full gear, photo credit Nasa, which also provides us with this special page about the expedition. By the way, I read somewhere that a really famous American chef is in charge of the astronauts´ food during the trip. Cannot remember her name and is really curious about it all so I will have to go googling a little... Or can anyone enlighten us all?

And me? Well, I am allowed to travel a little as well. Tomorrow I am off to Lund, a lovely university town in the very south of Sweden where I spent four happy years studying and where I also learned how to cook for myself. I will meet old friends, perhabs go to Copenhagen and on Sunday I will make gingerbread, pepparkakor before I go home again! See you all next week.


Steve said...

Have a fun trip.

Tanna said...

I know Emeril did one but he's a guy.

Have a really great trip.

ByTheBay said...

Kristina, you just made my day!
See my blog for more details...

Lynn Barry said...

I discovered your blog via glutenbythebay. I am Swedish. My great grandparents Augusta and Emmanuel Axelson came to America in the 1800s.I will be checking out your site frequently and learning Swedish. Thanks so much. I bought a book, "Say it in Swedish" 40 years ago and only learned a few words. This will be fun for me.
All my best,
Lynn (Axelson) Barry

Anonymous said...

About the chef:

/ First cuisine