December 04, 2006

In the beginning was Chaos

Today´s Swedish word: röra. Means mess.

I have told you before about my friend M´s dissertation party and here is a short note - recipes to come but I am still in need of some extra sleep...
This is how our kitchen looked this Thursday morning when I was in full party-preparing frenzy. From the left: tapenade in my food processor, I made eight times the normal batch and fiddled for an hour peeling garlic cloves (you see a mountain of garlic peel to the far right), counting sardelles and scooping capers. Luckily I had cored the olives the night before! But when you have everything prepared it is easy to whizz it together.
And then we have fresh cheese in the making in the cloth thingy hanging over the pot in the sink, and dishes dishes dishes... But everything went very well except my second batch of fresh cheese didn´t drain properly so no horse radish cheese on the buffet this time, just chives... I also made red pesto and bread.
Anyway, the dissertation went very well and actually I understood quite a lot of it (except when M and the opponent spent 30 minutes scribbling chemical reactions on the whiteboard). She has done successful research on a certain step in the process for creating artificial photosynthesis and has hence contributed to solving the world´s energy problems. Bravo! Above all she is a great person and a dear friend and I am so glad I could be a part of her great day. And evening. And night. Yaaawn.


KrakelSpektakel said...

Bra ifall någon kan få slut på alla klimatproblem så man slipper det evinnerliga mässandet ha ha..

Maria Abrahamsson said...

Ja, tyvärr får jag nog inte slut på alla klimatproblem - men jag är i alla fall väldigt glad och tacksam för Kristinas och alla andra köksompalumpiers insatser i fredags. Tack!

Tanna said...

I believe the French word would be souk.
That counter is a masterpiece of controlled and beautiful chaos! What fabulous food Clivia! Congratulations to you and your friend.

Clivia said...

"Controlled and beautiful" - yes, perhabs. I had a lot of fun at least!