December 03, 2006

Dear Santa

Today´s Swedish word: gryta. Means casserole/pot

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a very, very large bowl this year, so I won´t have to use my second largest pot (the largest was occupied by the fresh cheese - more on that another day) for raising the dough next time I am baking beetroot bread for 50 people. To the right you see my up til now largest bowl, with rye/wheat/sunflower seeds bread for 50 people. I need one slightly larger for future projects.

I have been a very good girl this year.

Love, Clivia


Ivonne said...

I hope Santa bring you this gift, Clivia!!!

Tanna said...

Dear Santa,
As a regular reader of Clivia, I can vouch that she has been a very good girl this year and really the bowl is needed so she can share this bread with 50 other people! Thank you Santa.

Anne said...

You need a 4-litre Marghrete bowl from Rosti. :)

St. C said...


Clivia said...

Haha, now let´s see what Santa brings. Rosti or whatever - I really need one more. Mixing dough in a pot is impossible so I used my one large bowl which in turn led to that the beetroot bread kept "contaminating" the light bread. Sigh.