January 05, 2007

Tasty new year!

Today´s Swedish word: ny. Means new

The picture is from last year but this year looked exactly the same (no snow though). We have the most fantastic view from our balcony and stood there for about 30 minutes sipping champagne and not freezing because of global warming. (When will we get snow? When?)
Anyway. Here is our New year menu, with rapsodic recipes...

Lobster baked with mushrooms
(cut the lobster in halves and put on a stew with fried yellow chanterelles, onion, white wine, dijon mustard and a little cream and herbs. Top with strong grated cheese and bake in hot oven

Beef, sauce and potato gratin
(Not very inventive, but tasty. We got a whole piece of beef, about 1 kilo, browned it in butter, seasoned with salt and pepper and put it in the oven om low heat, just 125C until the inner temperature reached 65C. Let it rest in tin foil and make a good sauce from the juices. More cream and a dash of worcestershire sauce. Served with a plain potato gratin)

Spiced pineapple with ice cream
Press the juice from an orange and heat up with some tbsp muscovado sugar, some tbasp rhum, two star anise and a vanilla pod. Dissolve the sugar, then put aside. Peel, core and slice a pineapple, sprinkle over a little brown sugar and fry in butter until golden brown. Pour over the spiced orange/sugar mix and let simmer for a couple of minutes, then serve with a good vanilla icecream.


Tanna said...

Now that was a beautiful New Year's beginning!
Love the sound of that pineapple.

Clivia said...

Hm, forgot to write that you should put some tablespoons rhum in the orange juice as well... Makes it even tastier!