January 10, 2007

Fresh cheese

Today´s Swedish word: ost. Means cheese.

I really have to make a recipe index now, after over a year, but don´t know where to begin really. (Anybody have some advice? Can you use the new blogger in some way? Heeelp.)
I think I have published a recipe for fresh cheese somewhere but I don´t know where and now I have a good picture of it so... This batch was consumed on the dissertation party in December.

If any of you, my dear readers, would come and have dinner here in my cuisine, the possibility of me serving home made fresh cheese is very high. It is easy, you can flavour it in approx. 1 billion ways, you know exactly what is in it and above all it is goood. I usually use mild yoghurt or Swedish fil, and sometimes I put in some creme fraiche as well. My favourite flavourings are chives and horse radish but walnuts and grilled peppers are good too. Not to mention a mix of black, white and pink crushed pepper. You can serve it with crackers, at a buffet or as I often do instead of "ordinary" butter and cheese for good home made bread.
Anyway, here comes the recipe. Again?

Fresh cheese
Serves 6-8 people depending on how you serve it. The cheese keeps for a couple of days in the fridge.

1000 ml yoghurt or fil
if you like 200 ml creme fraiche
a good handful of snipped chives or other fresh herbs, or chopped walnuts, or...

Combine the yoghurt and creme fraiche in a pot and heat it up. Just when it starts to split take it from the heat and drain it in a coffee filter for a couple of hours. (You can use the whey for baking bread later if you like.) Season and serve. Voilá!


Tanna said...

Voilá! indeed. And so very good. I've only made cheese a couple of times but I'm always surprized how easy and how really great it tastes! Yes, I have started something of a recipe index, at least a listing but don't have any advice on it.

johanna said...

just one question: where do you find coffee filters big enought for 1000 ml yoghurt?

i like your blog! :)

Clivia said...

Tanna, yes isn´t fresh cheese the greatest thing! Maximum outcome of minumum input...

And Johanna - I use 1x6 Melitta filters, you can find them in the larger foodstores at least. All the yoghurt doesn´t fit at once, you have to wait a couple of minutes before you pour the last. It gets filled to the brim, but it works!

Alanna said...

Hi Clivia ~ If you convert to the new Blogger, it has categories that'll organize your recipes in a flash. My only recommendation don't do it manually! (It's a mistake I've regretted for a loooong time now.)

Oh wait, I see you ARE on the new Blogger. Just check out the new categories.

Beccy said...

I've never made cheese before, it sounds easy so I must give it a go.
Congratulations on winning the cookbook, it's led me to a new blog!