January 25, 2007

This year I dare...

Today´s Swedish word: lova. Means promise.

I tend not to stick to my New year´s resolutions when they are boring, like "I will start jogging", or "I will not throw my clothes on the floor", but foodie resolutions are something else! Therefore I will present some foodie resolutions for 2007 like for instance
Anne and Pille has done! Better late than never...

So - this year I dare....
1. I will make my own pasta
2. I will take a class in how to handle and cook fresh fish
3. I will make sausages from scratch (that will have to wait until Christmas)
4. I will make sourdough bread

5. I will make wine leaf dolmadas
Hmmm, I feel I have to make a sweet resolution too. Yes!
6. I will make pear preserves with ginger and lingonberries this autumn


Pille said...

Cool! Making dolmades sounds especially fun! I always eat them in Greece, and my Turkish flatmate used to make them, too.
Hope to read about keeping your resolutions!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Well, none of those should be boring!! Glad you added the sweet note. Kind of rounds it all out! Will be following the adventure!

Lynn Barry said...

Lova...I love that. PROMISE. Thanks for teaching me Swedish.

Anonymous said...






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