February 21, 2007

Buy Swedish food online

Today´s Swedish word: sol. Means sun
We have a bright sunny day here in my hometown, but it is -15 degrees outside so I hesitate to go out, even though I should. I woke up at 4 this morning feeling thirsty and couldn´t go back to sleep so this is a drowsy day. Anyway. I just found
this, which I think might interest a few of my dear readers - an online shop for Swedish products like food, candy and gifts. The shop is called Hemlängtan which means longing home and you can buy herring, caviar (i.e. Swedish caviar which is pink and a little sweet-salty and comes in a metal tube) and reindeer soft cheese.

No Clivia, back to work now. I should:
  • Write job applications
  • Pay some bills
  • Go online and buy more books for the law course I am taking
  • Study the law books I have already got
  • Clean the floors
  • Finish the new baby quilt I am making
  • Fold and put away the laundry I made this morning
  • Go outside and get some fresh air

And I should not:

  • Drink coffee when I am in fact hungry
  • Read blogs all day
  • Wake up at 4 and not go back to sleep because my head starts rhyming songs for my sister´s wedding
  • Think that the phone will ring and someone will say: "Hello Clivia, I have a job for you. Do you want it?"

Well, better luck tomorrow!


Steve said...

Thanks for the food link. They, unfortunately, don't offer salt herring. Have another cup of coffee and think about your task list.

Xilonen said...

I guess my other comment disappeared... how weird. Well, th idea is that coffee is a BIG help in this climate I live in Sweden too and these last few days have really been tough... but making lists is always good, if only to feel that you have done something (even if it is only a list) ;-)



Elle said...

Hi Clivia,
I was right there a month ago, well, except for the baby quilt and sister's wedding. Keep up your spirits. Just when you think no one wants to hire you, you'll start getting calls about jobs. Wishing you a call that brings you the best job ever...soon.

Rachael said...

Laundry first...thats my advice!

Micke said...

Hej Kristina!
Tack för att du nämner vår sida i din blogg =)
Jag snubblade in på den av en händelse och vill lämna ett par avtryck.

To Steve, what kind of salt herring are you looking for, maybe we can find it for you?

Mvh/Best regards
Michael Sandström
Owner of Butik Hemlängtan