February 05, 2007

Tuna salad with spelt wheat and miso dressing

Today´s Swedish word: tonfisk. Means tuna.

I don´t care much for tuna since school lunch days when we were served salad with dry rice and dry tuna, like sawdust...yuk. It just grew in my mouth and I tried to wash it down with lots of dressing and milk...
Anyway, when Anne and I was out celebrating the elections result with a real foodie afternoon we found real good (expensive too) tuna in a shop. At least Anne claimed that this tuna was completely different from the one most common in the ordinary food stores, and I decided to give it a go. The "completely different" tuna was allowed to follow me home.

I tested a jar and found it acceptable, but the remaining two small tins stayed where they were until last Saturday when the tuna lover A. came home with a tin of tuna in sweet and sour sauce which I found rather suspicious. He wanted to have this tuna for dinner served with quinoa and this was the time I felt I had to take control of the situation. No way was I having sweet and sour tuna with quinoa on a Saturday evening! If I would eat tuna, it would have to be proper tuna. And not warm either. I decided to revive the tuna salad of my childhood and empty some space in my kitchen cabinets at the same time.

The result as seen in the picture was delicious, so delicious in fact so I will go back to that shop to get more tuna. Instead of rice I used whole spelt wheat from a large bag I have. I think that tuna can be too dominating, but the nutty, chewy wheat somehow balanced the taste and texture, making it the tuna salad I want to make again.

For the salad I simply mixed the boiled spelt wheat (you could use farro, bulgur or indeed quinoa) with some bits and pieces I found at home. Red onion, leek, yellow peppers, corn, green peas from the freezer...
I had some miso and rice vinegar standing in the fridge since ages ago and decided to try a miso dressing. The first search result I found, from About: Vegetarian cuisine sounded perfect though I adapted it a little after my lack of sesame oil and taste for more ginger. The dressing was perfect, rather strong-tasting and drizzled over the salad:

2 tbsp miso
4 tbsp rice vinegar
2 tbsp tamari soy or other light, Japanese-style soy
2 tbsp canola oil
2 tbsp toasted sesame seeds
Ground ginger to taste, I used about 1 tbsp and also some fresh, grated

In the picture is the suspicious tuna to the left, the completely different tuna to the right and the miso dressing in the middle.


Anne said...

Per fed one of my special jars to the cats! Who did NOT like it much, by the way. I'm shocked. And really wondering what to do with the two jars I have left. Hmm.

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