March 25, 2007

Waiter - there´s something in my... Easter Basket

Today´s Swedish word: dag. Means day

Today is Waffle day, and also we put our watches one hour forward, to save daylight. It is tough to wake up, notice that the time is 8.30 on a Sunday morning, prepare to go back to sleep and then realise that it is in fact 9.30 instead so you really have to get up. But we made waffles for breakfast, for comfort. (The recipe is of course from Backstugan and you find it here.) And it is nice in the evenings when you get one hour extra sunlight!

Anyway. It is time again for "Waiter, there´s something in my...", this time hosted by Johanna with the theme Easter Basket. Two weeks to go to my favourite holiday! I really like Easter a little better than Christmas both because of the spring and the food. After writing this I am going to spring clean our place and put up some chickens and eggs for decorations. And after this coming week with its insane schedule of evening classes (even on my birthday, boohoo) and meetings I will also plan the food. Easter food tends to be lighter, with less meat and more fish. I want gravlax and smoked salmon, vegetable and/or fish paté with a cold sauce, perhabs lamb, spinach and asparagus, and naturally lots of herring and the most important thing: eggs. Both plain boiled eggs and egg halves which is my contribution to this event. When I set the buffet table for Easter I always include a large tray of egg halves with different fillings.
I like to make things up and use whatever I have in the cupboards so egg halves is the perfect starter in Easter times. Cold potatoes, caviar, smoked salmon or gravlax, shrimps, chives, anchovies, capers, dill... Only your imagination sets the limits.
These are a product of what could be found in our kitchen yesterday. From back to front:
  • Mayonnaise mixed with dill from the freezer and shrimps on top
  • Whipped cream mixed with Swedish caviar (try IKEA) and chives on top
  • Egg yolk mixed with chopped anchovies and chives and then put back in the eggwhites

I am so sorry about the blurry picture but something mysterious happened while uploading. Got to start working on my photos when things start to slow down...


thepassionatecook said...

well hello my favourite eggs! i always used to get these every year at an old aunt's house... we call them "russion eggs" for some reason, and i think there were gherkins in the mayo. don't hold me to it, though, but i will try and make my own this year.
thanks for participating!!!

Pille said...

Same here - lots and lots of eggs (the chicken ones, not chocolate ones), as well as various puddings using curd cheese. And I think that I'll have some smoked salmon on the table, too:)
Are you going to make pashka as well?
My favourite filling is plain egg yolks with some mustard and sour cream or mayo, but anchovy and egg yolk fillings are popular as well.

Andrew said...

Look lovely but I'm more of a chocolate egg man myself!

Deborah Dowd said...

Thanks for reminding me that leftover Easter eggs are a perfect food to play with - caviar, capers,salmon - Maybe I'll give in to the kids who always want to dye 2 dozen, whether they eat them or not!

Clivia said...

Thank you all for your nice comments! At the moment I am feeling a little sick but hope to get better soon so I can make another batch of Easter filled egg halves. They are nice with just a diizzle of a good vinäigrette, too.

Anonymous said...






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