March 30, 2006


This Saturday I celebrated my birthday two days in advance just to get the chance to serve my friends lots and lots of waffles. March 25th is Waffle day here. I didn´t get to take pictures of those waffles so the one in the picture is made yesterday of a new wholemeal mix A found in the shop. Tasty and healthy (well, without the cream and the jam perhabs), but the home made I served on Saturday were better! With the waffles I served cloudberry jam (which is the perfect jam for waffles, really) and my own redcurrant/raspberry/vanilla jam (which is not too bad either), and whipped cream.
A special thank you to my mother and my dear boyfriend who helped out in the kitchen. It takes a lot of waffle batter, cream and coffee to entertain 14 guests!

The recipe comes from an organisation here in my hometown Södertälje which run the ski slope here. To make money to run the the snow machine and whatnot they sell these waffles. Thank God, the recipe is not a secret! They even have postcards with it! This batter is practical and keep well since it contains no eggs. I you want to make less waffles just half it, and if you want to serve the waffles with something savoury as a starter just skip the sugar.

Backstugans våfflor
20-25 waffles
1200 ml plain wheat flour, you can substitute wholemeal flour for some of it if you want
4 tbsp caster sugar
pinch of salt
1000 ml milk
250 grams melted butter or margarine (but I never use margarine)
400 ml sparkling mineral water, that is what makes them so crisp...

Whisk it all together and make sure there are no lumps. Let sit for 15 minutes and then bake away!


Ivonne said...

Happy Waffle Day, Clivia!

And Happy Birthday too!

Sabrina said...

Hej, Tack för recept. Jag gillar våfflor! Ska prova snart.

Jag är Italienska och bor i Stockholm, gillar att laga mat som alla Italienare.


Clivia said...

Ivonne, thank you! I had a wonderful birthday and waffle day. Or "laffla" which the youngest guests a little girl aged 2 said.

Sabrina, välkommen till min lilla blogg. Lycka till med våfflorna, de är jättegoda.

Zoubida said...

I guess we're eating Backstugans våfflor this week-end ;-))
Happy Belated Birthday Clivia!

mae said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I too have the hankering for waffles whenever i see them. Love them with crispy bacon and maple syrup on top. I hope you are having a fantastic birthday weekend. Love from Jersey.

Lexi said...

Hej, en liten fråga... hur tar jag reda på när nästa BBM är och om jag kan vara med??? tycker det ser jätte roligt ut...

Pille said...

Happy delayed birthday wishes to you, dear Kristina! I was away in London for a week and had very little access to email:(
Now - back in Edinburgh - and just reading about your cloudberry jam made me hungry! Definitely one of my favourite jams, despite the tiny seeds!

Clivia said...

Zoubida, I hope they turned out well and your boys liked them!
Mae, that sounds intriguing! I have never tasted maple syrup and never bacon with waffles...
Lexi, jag kan maila dig nästa gång det är dags, har inga besked i nuläget. Välkommen i matbloggsgänget förresten!
Pille, thank you! I still have almost a jar full of cloudberry jam to use for luxury some time. Last spring I had a fish paté at a party with a sauce made of creme fraiche mixed with a little cloudberry jam. Sounds crazy but was really really good.