March 01, 2006

10 random facts about me

Don´t know where is comes from, just know everyone is doing it. Me too. You too?
  1. I never learned how to park between two other cars on the side of the road, you know what I mean? It is called pocket parking in Swedish. My driving teacher didn´t find it necessary - apparently she thought I would stay in my hometown all my life where there´s plenty of parking space everywhere
  2. I like to sing, soprano
  3. My second name (which by the way comes before my given name), is Eva
  4. I have once made it to the semi-finals in a competition for looking things up in the telephone catalogue as quickly as possible
  5. I almost never wear makeup since I don´t really know how to apply it
  6. I love all smoked food - fish, meat and cheese
  7. I can drive a tractor if I really have to
  8. I have a lot of grey hairs, dyes it sometimes but actually I like it as it is
  9. I have never eaten fresh coriander
  10. I have once fed fruit to a large flying dog called Pusjkin , in a bat sanctuary in Cape Tribulation Australia. And I am afraid of bats! But he was so cute.


Steve said...

1) With, at most, a paragraph and possibly a simple drawing, I can teach you how to parallel park. I was taught in an 8 ton fire truck with no power steering.

3) Interesting. It's much the opposite here. "Middle names" aren't used too ofter. When my mother used mine, I knew I was in serious trouble.

Zoubida said...

5. You don't need it. If you go to a special occasion, have it applied by a pro and insist on it to be very light and airy. You will look stunning. I know how to apply make-up and I wear it everyday but when I go out to a special thing, I go to a pro and I love the pampering thing in it Hairdresser, make-up artist, manicure is the usual trio all at the same beauty salon, such a treat and puts you in a fantastic mood for the party.

9. This has to be corrected ASAP! Don't try it dry. It doesn't taste anything. I remember in Sweeden and Norway I had a hard time finding lemons and such. Well, I found lemon in Oslo and I just was under the impression I was buying 18 carats gold lemons (exagerating of course but still). They were so expensive!
I hope you'll be able to experience the taste of cilantro soon.

Steve said...

5. Nobody related to your mother or aunts could possibly need any help!

Pille said...

Thanks for sharing, Clivia! Here's mine:
1) I can't park either
2) I sing (2nd) alto
3) only have one name. Sulk!
4) worked one summer for a month inserting data for a telephone directory:)
5) only really learnt make-up basics last autumn before my trip to Mexico (spent a fortune at Bobbi Brown's counter, but they did give a 1-hour consultation as well)
7) definitely no-no, although I've been on a tractor loads of times at my grandparents' farm
8) having blond hair is good for hiding any greys (not that I have any, of course;)

Clivia said...

Steve, thanks for your tips on the parallell parking problem. Let´s see if I start practising or continue by all means avoiding "hard" parkings... And thanks for the compliment, but believe me, sometimes you want help!
Zoubida, I agree on the benefits of pros! I have tried it some times (once after I got sunburned in the face on the same day I would be toastmaster at a big party) and it is wonderful. Coriander is available here in most supermarkets, I really don´t have a reason not to try it...
Pille, I had almost forgotten that Estonia is a great choir country, as is Sweden. Sadly I had to quit my choir this autumn - lack of time... Do try tractor-driving, it is fun!