March 28, 2006


Last Friday I tried a new place, Gooh! Behind this very very stupid name is a cooperation between one of the finest restaurants in Stockholm, Operakällaren, and one of Sweden´s cooperations for farmers, Lantmännen. The idea is to sell really good ready meals to people on the move - to bring home for dinner or to work for lunch. This concept is actually not very common in Stockholm yet, either you have to go to a restaurant to pick up a ready meal or buy something boring and fatty at the grocery store.

We were very tired after a busy week and the timing was right to drop by and pick up something to eat in front of the TV... A. chose tandoori chicken with rice and vegetables and I chose soup with lime, lemongrass, chilli, mussels and vegetables. And the verdict?

Prize: reasonable - not too much but not too cheap either if you know what I mean. I don´t like my food to be too cheap, makes me suspicious
Looks: very very good!
Smells: delicious, and A´s chicken was even better
Taste: great
Size: a bit too small for a mussel soup, the shells fill up quite a bit so really it looks more than it really is...
Recommended? Oooh yes, if you are in Stockholm and want good food to go. Also they have microwave ovens in the shop if you want to eat it on the spot.


Steve said...

Sounds good, but a little bit out of my way.

Anonymous said...






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