March 30, 2006

Here comes the sun!

I have coffee week this week and one of my responsibilities besides from emptying the dishwashers and clean the coffee machine is to buy something nice for the office fika on Thursday afternoon. I spent lunch in a dark sushi restaurant but when I came out on the street afterwards the SUN had come! And when I went up to Stortorget to get the nice thing for the coffee they were building up verandas outside the cafés. That is a really springy thing to do, building verandas! And the sun. Yesterday it rained, also a snowkiller but not nearly as nice as the sun.

Another thing I am happy about is that my EBBP parcel has arrived safely with Petra of Chili und Ciabatta in Bavaria, southern Germany. Now remains to get a parcel myself, still no sign of it but hopefully I will get it today or tomorrow.

By the way, do you know what I called spaghetti when I was little? My mother reminded me when she visited me. Sun sticks! I must have been thinking of how it looks when you draw a sun. A round in the middle and then the straight sunrays pointing out - I thought they looked like spaghetti. Rather cute.

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