March 12, 2006

Sweet potato baby soup

Sometimes it just doesn´t turn out like you thought it should, right? Like this soup. Let me give you some advice: don´t purée all your soup. If you don´t like baby food texture, that is... I should also have added some onion but felt lazy this Saturday evening. All I wanted to do was sinking down on the couch with some comforting soup and watch the Swedish semi-finals for the Eurovision song contest. Here in this country this is a serious, serious matter with four semi-finals and one final - accompanied by truckloads of shocking news about the artists, the artists´clothes, how the artists enjoyed themselves after the semi-finals and how those who didn´t pass sulked.

All in all the evening was a success. The soup was smooth and slightly sweet, the feta cheese crème adding some saltiness together with some parma ham to nibble, and some really good tomatoes. And Carola won. She is not my favourite, but at least she knows what she is doing and how to sing...

Sweet potato soup
serves 4

1 large sweet potato
4 potatoes
1 yellow onion, finely chopped, or some shalotts
500 ml chicken stock
salt, pepper
fresh herbs, I used chives but parsley or coriander would be nice too

Make feta cheese crème with 50 grams feta cheese and a splash of olive oil mixed together with a fork. Sometimes I also add some creme fraiche to bind it together.

Peel and cut the potatoes and let simmer until soft in the stock with the onions, about 20 minutes. Pour half of it together with some liquid in a can or something and purée with a handheld mixer. Then pour it back with the rest and give it a blast with a steel whisk or a fork until you get the righ texture. Spice to taste and serve with the feta and some nice bread.


Pille said...

I've only tried cooking with sweet potato once so far, and didn't really like it. Maybe I should try again with soup (and then your simple recipe becomes handy obviously). Thanks for sharing!
PS Estonia sends a Swedish singer to Eurovision again:)

Kinna said...

I like this kind of baby-food-puré. It can be very delicate to serve as a starter.

Clivia said...

Pille, the very best way to eat sweet potato is cutting it horizontally and baking it in the oven and serving it with feta cheese or maybe goat´s cheese... We often bake some sweet potato together with other root vegetables. But soup was OK. I am looking forward to hear the Estonian contribution! We have our final on Saturday but Carola will probably win.

And Kinna, I also think that shis kind of rich and creamy soup is better in smaller quantities... Next time, next time!

Steve said...

No! The best way to eat sweet potatoes (or yams) is to make my (simple) sweet potato pie! E-mail me if you'd like it another copy of it.

Zoubida said...

I never cooked sweet potato. This soup is appetizing. I'll try it soon.
When I was living in France, I remember well the Eurovision shows on TV. Only they broadcasted the european finals only, not all the national competition.
Here in North America we have the canadian "Star Academy", and the USA "American Idol"... I can't stand any of them. May be I'm biaised by the old Eurovision show which I enjoyed 15 years ago.