March 03, 2007

Five things you didn´t know about me

Today´s Swedish word: sak. Means thing.
Pille has tagged me for a meme and I happily accept since I am a wee bit uninspired these days and don´t post nearly as much as I should, or as I did when I worked full-time. I will try to come back soon to my old energy!
Anyway, the theme of the meme this time is Five things you didn´t know about me and I have thought a lot on what to reveal this time. I have actually taken part in a similar meme last year and then gave ten random facts. This is what I came up with now:
  1. Cousin statistics: I have 15 cousins. 10 boys and 5 girls. 7 on my father´s side and 8 on my mother´s and I am the second oldest on both sides. 7 of them lives around here in the Stockholm area, 2 in Järvsö, 1 in Hammerdal, 1 in Uppsala, 1 in Linköping, 1 in Värnamo and 2 in heaven. I have 4 second cousins (kusinbarn). Update: apparently my dictionary was wrong about this. I have much more second cousins (sysslingar) than 4! What I meant was that my cousins´children all in all is 4. 3 girls and 1 boy!
  2. I have had eye surgery twice as a little girl to correct a squinting eye but my mother claims that I still squint when I am tired.
  3. I can hold a speech or be toastmaster for a large number of people without thinking twice but if you suggest us playing charades at a party I will go and hide somewhere or just plain refuse. I hate playing charades, and also board games where you have to sing, even though I am good at singing.
  4. I love Monty Python. My favourites (some of them): Fish slapping dance, Penis song, The Pet Shop and everything when they are dressed like old ladies. Oooh, and the Spanish Inquisition. Nobody expects it.
  5. I am a total sucker for accordeon music and also folk music, preferrably involving a tramping organ. When I really love a song, like "Tukkipoikka" with JP Nyströms (a group from the very north in Sweden which sings in both Swedish and Finnish) I play it over and over again and once made a friend of mine yell: "Oh please, just shut it off! It is so terrible!" And yes, I like music you actually heard of too, like R.E.M. and Ella Fitzgerald.


Pille said...

Thanks for taking part, Clivia!! 1) I cannot believe you've got more cousins than I do (I've got 10 maternal + 2 paternal)! 2) I've had two eye surgeries - not for wandering eye, but for excessive short-sightedness (I wear -10 contact lenses/glasses, which is pretty bad); 3) I hate charades, though I'm also a bit shy in giving speeches; 5) I sang in a Estonian folk group for 5 years; have got 2 different folk costumes.
Sounds like we're pretty alike:)

Clivia said...

Haha, and we are almost exactly the same age as well, aren´t we? I guess we will really hit it off when we meet some day!