December 19, 2005

-11C/12F, lutfisk and knäck

When I woke up today we had -11 outside but no snow so far... Hope it will come soon! I have spent the weekend mostly dealing with food in different ways. Cooking (mustard, dinner, knäck), shopping (ham, salmon, stuff for the mustard, dill und so weiter) and planning (realizing that perhabs I can´t sleep in in the mornings during my three free days before Christmas). And having a fantastic lutfisk dinner at my aunt´s and uncle´s on Saturday! Lutfisk is something you either love or hate. The hardcore cooks make it from scratch, which is a dried piece of fish. You soak it in water for several weeks, then cook it. Anyway, you can buy it ready. Lutfisk is white and wobbly and has a very delicate taste. It is also extremely healthy. You enjoy it (if you are in the lutfisk fan club) with potatoes, white sauce, melted butter, green peas and ground allspice. Some people also like some bacon with their lutfisk, I have never tried it but am tempted because it sounds good (not healthy though).

Yesterday I made knäck, on my to do-list for Christmas one down, fifteenhundred to go... I used the recipe from Bonniers kokbok and happened to boil it a little too long so I got what I wanted, very hard candy! But it was a little tricky in the end to pour the toffee in the small paper cups...

makes about 60

200 ml cream
200 ml golden syrup
200 ml sugar
50 g peeled and chopped almonds

Combine in a thick-bottomed skillet (preferably non-stick) and let simmer until it reaches 122 degrees C or about 250 F, it takes 20-30 minutes. If you don´t have a thermometer pour some drops in cold water and try to roll it to a rather firm ball. If you succeed it is time to add the almonds and pour it into the small cups you beforehand has placed on a tray nearby... I use a small can or teaspoons.
If you like a quicker recipe I saw one at Anne´s...

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