December 15, 2005

Doggy bag

I have folk dancing as one of my hobbies and tonight we in our folk dancing group had a little Christmas dinner for dance teachers and others. The Swedish smorgasbord is known here and there in the world, and the Christmas smorgasbord is the best! (Well, maybe second best after Easter smorgasbord - I love eggs so much - but that is another story.)

One of us runs a catering firm and she was in charge today for a slightly unusual Julbord. There was some classic things, like ham and red cabbage, but also a pie, a brie cheese, and some other goodies. Everything was so delicious and beautifully presented - I didn´t bring my camera though. We ate and ate but there was a truckload of food left anyway so we had the pleasure to take a doggybag home! This was my selection.

On top of the potatoes a lettuce leaf with a mix of gravlax (salmon "cooked" with a rubbing of salt and sugar), orange, avocado and some dressing. Mmmm, love it. Then two skewers with mince beef spiced up with cinnamon and cloves (instead of the classic meatballs). The dark thing beside the potaotes is red cabbage cooked with spices and raisins. The thing tipped on its side to the right is a slice of brie cheese. She had "shaved" off the top mould layer with a sharp knife and sprinkled the surface with dried apricots, plums, raisins and pine nuts. Beautiful and very very tasty, I will definitely steal that idea! And last of all on the bottom of the box a delicious pie with rocket salad and sundried tomatoes. Sorry about the poor picture!
The doggybag will come in very handy for A. tomorrow night when he is home alone - I am going to a nice little glögg party with a good friend. And then my friends I will spend my weekend in the kitchen - well, a lot of the weekend anyway.

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Anne said...

Yum! Sounds very good indeed!