December 10, 2005

Mission accomplished!

Our new family member The Dough is gone from the balcony and lies in different boxes instead. I spent some hours baking gingerbread today, the cookies aren´t beautiful at all but tasty. I made hearts, stars, men and women and goats or whatever they are called? More cookies to come next weekend, but gingerbred is the worst to make I think. Not my cup of tea to stand there for hours on end rolling and cutting and fiddling, but I like to eat them.

I can also report from a successful shopping tour to a middle-east grocery store, we have a large assyrian/syrian population in my home town so I knew where to go in quest for my much desired unsalted pistachios... What a foodie place! The place was full of different kinds of nuts, wine leaves for stuffing, exotic sweets, oils, spices and cheese. I returned home not only with 200 grams of fine pistachios but also with a tin of wine dolmadas (my favourite), green raisins, cashew nuts and some more things. Oooh, they also had pomegranates the size of footballs (almost) and I bought the smallest one and had it today with our festive hot shrimps to celebrate the Nobel Prize. I got the recipe once from a friend´s mother.

Elisabeth´s hot shrimps
(I don´t have the exact quantities)
500 g shrimps
peppers in different colours or other veggies
1 chopped onion
1-2 cloves garlic (but I don´t use garlic when A is supposed to eat it)
1 tub of creme fraiche, about 1 cup
Tomato paste
Curry powder
cayenne pepper
1-2 tablespoons of concentrated orange juice

Fry the onion until shiny and a little soft. Add the other veggies. Powder over curry and fry some more, then add in the creme fraiche and spice to taste with cayenne and orange juice. Let simmer for a few minutes, add the shrimps and heat it up bot don´t boil. Serve with rice.

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