February 12, 2006

BBM4 from Sweta

This week I was the lucky receiver of a new BBM4 parcel, this time from Sweta in Milwaukee Wisconsin USA. She doesn´t have a food blog but loves to cook.
We have had an exceptionally gloomy week here in Sweden with icy winds, wet snow in shoes, delayed commuter trains etc. when this kind of surprise is extra-extra welcome. I picked up the parcel on my way to work and decided to bring it with me to work in case there was something in it which would freeze during the day in the car. Hmm, the real reason was I couldn´t wait until late in the evening to explore the contents... Anyway the CD inside came in handy during the day when I wanted to get some rest from nosy colleagues! So there.

I have never been to USA and it is rather hard to get foodstuffs from USA too here so the contents was really exotic to me! Also Sweta included some Indian food since she comes from India.

This is what I got from Sweta:
  • String cheese and white cheddar with cranberries - Wisconsin is the dairy state apparently. I love cheese and can´t wait to try them! American cheese is impossible to get hold of here.
  • A jar of Wisconsin cranberry mustard which I haven´t tried yet but it smells delicious. I think I will try it with pork chops or something like that
  • Chocolate coated raisins and coffee beans from a local coffee shop in Milwaukee ( I have such a soft spot for coffee beans in chocolate!)
  • A nice bag of candy coated almonds, some with saffron and some plain
  • 2 boxes of ready-to-eat Indian food, one chick pea curry and one dessert which both look very good. I like Indian food but finds it a little hard to pull off with all the spices and stuff. But, this is easily fixed with the...
  • ...box of various Indian spices and the recipe Sweta also included!
  • 2 packs of Reese´s peanut butter cups (only one in the picture, the other seem to have disappeared very mysteriously)
  • and last of all a CD with a great mix put together by Sweta´s husband, which also turned out to be very very good although I have only heard of two of the groups... This really shows that we not only get to know new foods through this exchange, we also can get to know new music (music was the theme for BBM4)

Thank you Sweta (and your husband!) for this lovely parcel, and thank you Jason for hosting this. I look forward to the next round!


AK said...

I just love that a non-blogging Indian living in the US sends a package of food goodies to a blogging Swede! If they'd only put food bloggers in charge of world peace! Alanna

Clivia said...

Yes, we should notify Koffi and the other guys in the UN about our activities!

Pille said...

Nice parcel - I especially like the sound of string cheese, cranberry mustard and chocolate coated coffee beans (I get them regularly from Whittard of Chelsea here)

Clivia said...

It was truly nice! So far I have only tried the cranberry mustard which was totally delicious. I had some Christmas ham in the freezer and wanted to make a pie so I shredded it and tossed it with some tablespoons of the mustard and put it in a "good-for-you pie" with steamed root vegetables. Yum!

Jelly said...

Great package! Now I'm craving Reeses Peanut Butter Cups though!