February 05, 2006

A new aquaintance

One of the many nice things about having a food blog is that you get to know new nice people, for example Maiko from Japan. She was invited to my dinner party yesterday and very kindly contributed to the menu with this warm dessert - a sweet bean soup served hot with sticky rice cakes in it. It is called "zen-zai" and was very easy to prepare with the canned beans from the tin I am holding in the photo and ready rice cakes cut in small pieces. You can also make it from scratch of course but yesterday these tins came in handy! Everything can be found in Stockholm, for example at "JFK" just by Södra station. Go ahead and try it, it is perfect for cold winter evenings!


maiko said...

Hi Kristina, thanks so much for inviting me to the dinner! It was so beautiful... Good food and good company always make people happier. It was one of the happiest times since I came here. Thanks!!

I really liked your starter, fish soup, and fondan chocolat and everything, but I was most amazed that your aioli went wonderfully well with the fish soup... could I have the recipe of aioli as well? The aioli that comes with chips at a bar is always so greasy and I did not like it... but yours was so light and tasty!! ;-)

And let's go to the post museum for lunch sometime... Cheers!

Zoubida said...

I love japaneese soups. Now you just told us too much or not enough. :-)) We need to know how to make this soup. ;-))

Clivia said...

the aioli is made from 200 ml creme fraiche with maybe 50 ml mayonnaise stirred in, and one clove garlic pressed into it. I learned it from a friend many many years ago and I agree on "real" aioli to be too fat.

... and could you get Zoubida the "from scratch" recipe for the bean soup?
:-) Clivia

Kinna said...

Kristina, I have a lot to learn from you!