February 26, 2006

The Big Birthday Weekend

Have I told you I am very forgetful? It is a good thing my head is firmly attached to my neck, otherwise I would put it somewhere and run off and not missing it until it is far too late. In August for example I made a big song-and-dance about forgetting my wallet at my parent´s, not noticing until I was well on my way on the train. I also had almost zero battery on my cell phone. Long story.

No, no - I didn´t forget to bring my camera to my brother´s birthday. I forgot to take it back home again. So it is at my parent´s containing lots of lovely pictures of the food, the friends, the cats, the BBQ on the mountain, the birthday cake... Luckily my sister also was visiting, not going home until tomorrow. In ten days she will attend a conference in Stockholm and - tadaa - bring the camera. And she is not forgetful.

The weekend´s food, though, was unforgettable. The birthday party was a great success, the birthday boy very happy and the friends very cheerful even though we missed one chair and had to take it in turns to sit down.

Here´s what we had on the buffet table - simple yet delicious!
  • my standard pasta salad (the trick is to pour over a good dressing while it is still warm) with tomato, peppers, corn, cucumber, rocket salad und so weiter
  • a large plate of Italian charcuteries from Arabusta (finally I got to visit and the first thing I saw was my own write-up on my brother´s christmas present, printed and put on the wall along with some newspaper clippings *blushing*)
  • mozzarella caprese with layered tomato and mozzarella, sprinkled with fresh basil and olive oil
  • sourdough grissini (not homemade)
  • the fantastic bread, (made by my mother)
  • marinated pork loin in thin slices (also made by my mother)

For dessert we had Gino, which as far as I know is a Swedish "Italian" dessert named after a restaurant in Stockholm. Very tasty although we forgot the icecream... You simply choose three kinds of fruit, one green, one white and one red as the Italian flag, cut it in pieces, put in an ovenproof dish and grate white chocolate over it and bake in oven until the chocolate is melted and a little golden... We used honey melon, kiwi and strawberries. And as I said, serve with icecream but if you for some reason forgets to bring the icecream from mother´s freezer - no worries. The guests will still be happy!

For more info and pictures I am afraid you will just have to wait until next Tuesday or so. Ahem.


Anne said...

Sounds absolutely delicious - I look forward to the pictures!! :)

Anonymous said...

I might add that baby sister is also kind of forgetful- she left leather boots, gloves and winter jacket here... Thanx again 4 great catering at my party/ Pelle

Zoubida said...

Ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!
I suspected you might forget the camera at your place. But no, you remembered, only to leave it at your parents!
I think I like you Clivia because we're alike. ;-))
What a lucky brother! The party sounds like a warm and happy success.
I love the description of the Gino dessert. Again we ressemble each other. Ice cream or sauces, sometimes bread even, are often forgotten here too (Laughing!)

Clivia said...

Anne, thank you! I hope the pictures will be up in a week or so.
Pelle, gosh - what did she wear when she travelled home? Well well, as long as she didn´t forget my camera... By the way, have you remembered to bring the basil to mum, the basil I forgot at your place? Haha.

Zoubida, seems like we are kindered spirits! It is a little tiresome to be forgetful, but as long as you don´t forget really important things, like your friends, it is allright I think.

Kinna said...

Sounds like fantastic food, I am also looking forward to see the pictures.