February 07, 2006

Salmon in oven, version 14818... or something like that

One favourite in this house is salmon fillet in oven and has been so for many years, in thousands of versions. It is easy, it is quick, you can use almost everything you have on hand and it is always very tasty.

This evening when I came home very happy after a date with my fellow foodbloggers Anne and Kinna (we had a lovely time, of course!) I made this with the salmon left from the soup cooking this Saturday, and some other leftovers. I think I will enjoy my lunchbox very much tomorrow!

Salmon in oven with fetta, olives and basil
(Sorry, no proportions!)

Take a piece of a salmon fillet, it is not necessary to skin it. Rub in some salt and pepper and put it in a slightly greased ovenproof dish.

In a bowl, mix together a large crumbled piece of fetta cheese with some chopped basil leaves, some pitted olives (I used some kalamata, leftovers from the tapenade making) and a good splash of olive oil. Spread this over the fish and bake in oven (200C) for about 20-30 minutes. Serve with what you please, rice or potatoes or quinoa or pasta or just a salad.


Ivonne said...

Sounds delicious!

You can never have too many salmon recipes!

Clivia said...

I agree with you! Next time I will try wit fetta and sundried tomatoes - or make slits in the fillet and stuff it with thin slices of blue cheese...

And now I am having my luncbox of this salmon, with quinoa

Kinna said...

Sounds very tasty!

Zoubida said...

Mmmmm! Sounds lovely. Next time I buy salmon I'll try this.