February 23, 2006

Nothing food related

Sorry for my long silence but I am having another crazy week, working and going to meetings and watching the Olympics. No cooking though apart from a quick pasta with carrots, zucchini, smoked salmon and blue cheese the day before yesterday.

May I just point out that Sweden has done its best Olympics EVER - and it is not over yet... We have never won so many medals, and today we will get another one, either silver or gold, in curling. Also Anja Pärson is skiing today again and we have a medal hope in snowboard and tomorrow semi-finals in hockey.


Tomorrow I am going to my parent´s for the weekend, celebrating my brother´s 30th birthday. He has asked me to cook for his birthday party (*flattered*) and Mum is going to help out too. On Saturday we will do like we did when he was little - celebrate his birthday with family and friends by grilling hot dogs in the forest, then go inside for birthday cake. If I remember to bring the camera this time I will give a full report when I get back.


Kinna said...

sounds very nice, looking forward to the pictures.

Steve said...

Say "Hi" to your Mum!

Pille said...

Happy birthday to your lillebror, and congrats on all those medals, Kristina! Estonians have done pretty well as well (considering how small we are) - we've scooped 3 gold medals so far, and the Games aren't over yet:)

Zoubida said...

Isn't it a great plan for your brother's birthday!!! Don't forget your camera. ;-))
Yes, lots of medals for your this year, but hey, we beat you at feminine hockey. hehehe... (I know, I'm such a bad sport!)

Clivia said...

Wooo, a gold medal in curling! We were practising on our dances, but one of the other girls had the match on the radio in her right ear while dancing and we got almost a live report.
Zoubida, you just wait for the next Olympics! The Swedish hockey women are at your heels... Bronze last Olympics, silver now and next time... ;-)

Ivonne said...

Ciao Clivia!

First of all congratulations to Sweden on the great Olympics! Canada (even though our men's team lost in hockey) is also having one of its best Olympics.

As you may know I'm here in Toronto so and Mats Sundin is the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs so we are all hoping he does very well tomorrow morning against the Czech Republic.

Good luck with your brother's birthday party!

Kinna said...

Min meme är klar och du kan läsa på min sida. =)