June 18, 2006

June veggies

Ooops, I ate it all before I could photograph it - but believe me when I say my steamed fresh white cabbage was goood, and beautiful. Summer is here to stay and Swedish fresh veggies can be found in the shops again. Long time, no see!

Yesterday I took my bike and went down to the square, returning with the following: a bag of new potatoes - walnut-sized and with the delicate thin peel already hanging loose, a small head of white cabbage, a light green, loose knot, and a bag of the tomatoes you see in the picture (sorry, blurry). Here in Södertälje we have one of Sweden´s biggest suppliers of organic tomatoes and these little darlings had travelled approx. 2 kilometers from the plant to the square. I like! I tried them for lunch with some halloumi, on the balcony of course.

Here´s a little thingy you can do with delicious new cabbage - cauliflower or white cabbage are equally delicious. Leeks are also very good with this ham stew. This is an old-fashioned and typically Swedish dish and I make it quite often in summer.

Stewed cabbage with ham
Cut the cabbage in large pieces and steam them or cook them in as little water as possible, with a little salt. Just cook it until just tender, not mushy! Drain off and save the fluids. Keep the cabbage warm.

Take some smoked ham or bacon and cut in little pieces. Chop a small onion. Fry ham and onion in a little butter until the onion is a little soft. Powder over some flour, maybe 3-4 tbsp and stir, then add the fluid from the cabbage and let it simmer until the sauce thickens a little. Add some cream or milk and let simmer for a couple of minutes, spice to taste with a little white pepper and pour it over the cabbage. Serve with new potatoes.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Those potatoes sound so very good but then I'm known for loving potatoes. I like the sound of that simple ham and cabbage stew. Lovely.