June 06, 2006

Swedish National Day

Today is June 6th, our National Day here in Sweden. I have spent the afternoon in this outfit, my costume from Södra Unnaryd/Västbo, a place in the south-western part of Sweden. Both my maternal grandmother and my father´s family comes from this region so it feels just right to wear it! I have always had a national costume, when I was little I wore one from where my mother grew up in northern Sweden but then I got my grandmother´s old costume on my 12th birthday. I have outgrew it, but my mother has made a new skirt, apron and vest during the last couple of years. The skirt is dark blue with a red edge, the vest is striped differently in different villages (this stripe pattern is from the village Reftele) and the apron is printed cotton. On the side I wear a loose pocket and I wear a silver brooch on the blouse

The Unnaryd costume is one of the oldest described costumes in Sweden with details dating back to the 17th and 18th century - such as the model of the vest and the hat which is for unmarried women. I have never wore it until today but decided to try and wear a correct costume (adult women are supposed to wear something on the head) for this festive occasion - as you can see I also wear my silk shawl since I wasn´t going to dance so much today. Otherwise I wear a simple white cotton shawl when I dance because in this costume you wear the shawl inside the vest and you don´t want to sweat in fragile silk...

All in all a good day! And that hat protected me from the blazing sun... Now I am going to make some rhubarb muffins for tomorrow, I hope they turn out fine so I can write about them!


Kinna said...

What a fantastic outfit. I just love it and have something like which we used to wear for baptisings and christenings in my family. You just look lovely.


Petra said...

Hej Clivia,

How small the world is. My Father is from Baxhult which is inbetween Langaryd and Hylte. I have spent many a summer in Hallands Lan. A beautiful place. Have you ever been to the bakery in Smalandsstenar?
Thanks for sharing.

Clivia said...

Kinna, thank you! I really like to wear this, and since I started folk dancing again a couple of years ago I have many opportunities...
Petra, yes the world is very small sometimes! My family comes just from the other side of the landscape border, from Småland. My grandmother grew up in Villstad outside Smålandsstenar but I have never been to the bakery... Skeppshult where you can shop for wonderful pans and stuff is also very close!

Anonymous said...

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