June 09, 2006

Rhubarb/raspberry cheesecake

My rhubarb muffins turned out all right, but not more. It got stuck in my muffin pan for example. What´s the use for a teflon pan if you still have to grease it? Hmpf.
But I bring you another lovely rhubarb recipe instead! I made this cheesecake last Saturday for dessert when we had dinner for my in-laws. Actually I am not a huge cheesecake fan since they often contain digestive biscuits - a cookie I can live without. But for my birthday I got a wonderful book from my sister, Strawberries and rhubarb, Jordgubbar och rabarber, by Sandra Leigh Draznin. I want to try everything in this book and started with this cheesecake, partly because I could find a use for my old (but not too old) ginger snaps from Christmas.

I tweaked the original recipe by using a little less cream cheese (because I didn´t want to buy three packets) and by adding some raspberries from the freezer to the jelly. The author of this book must have found some other kind of rhubarb because her jelly was bright pink. Mine would have been light green and I didn´t think it would look so great... Next time I make it I will add some more rhubarb for a more intense taste, in this it was quite light. A matter of taste, of course, and on which kind of rhubarb you use. Next time I will also make the cookie bottom and the cheese one day and the jelly the next - makes it easier to cut... And yes, a LOT of sugar in this but hey - it is a dessert and it is delicious!

Rhubarb/raspberry cheesecake
10-12 pieces in a spring form with diameter 22 cm

250 g ginger snaps or digestive biscuits, crushed
75 grams butter, melted
4+3 gelatine sheets
350 grams rhubarb, peeled and finely sliced (will use more next time, at least 400 grams)
200 ml water
120 ml sugar
100 ml raspberries + some tbsp sugar
500 ml cream cheese
3 tbsp sugar
1 vanilla pod (I used some tbsp vanilla sugar)
1 egg white
3 tbsp sugar

Mix the cookie crumbs with the butter and press it out evenly in a spring form. Soak the gelatine. Boil the rhubarb with the water and sugar until soft. Drain it and save about 200 ml of the fluids. Press the water from 4 of the gelatine sheets and melt them in the warm rhubarb mush. Whip sugar, cheese and vanilla (scrape out the seeds) and fold into the rhubarb. Whip the egg white with the sugar firmly and fold it in too. Spread it as evenly as you can over the cookie bottom. Cover and put in fridge for about 2 hours so it settles.
Heat up the raspberries and mix with the rhubarb fluids so it is about 200 ml on the whole. Melt the remaining gelatine in this and pour over the cake. Let it settle in the fridge and serve.


AK said...

Great trick, the raspberries, to make rhubarb a bit pinker. And the cheesecake is gorgeous!

Ivonne said...


That looks gorgeous! Nice use of rhubarb ...