June 29, 2006

Summer in Gamla stan

Just a short "sign of life" post while waiting for some photos to upload for a work thing. It is some bug or other in the system and it is soooo slow.
Outside the window summer in Gamla stan is in process. Västerlånggatan is full of tourists, enjoying the sun and the shops and the icecream and every now and then a horse-drawn carriage goes clippety-clop outside the office - it is a guided tour which seems quite nice. The sun has come to stay, they say, and I work today and on Monday, then I go on vacation for four weeks. My man works for another week before we head off to Riga and at first I had lots of wild plans for my lonely week - but I think I will just stay at home and cook! Well, maybe I will sit on the balcony reading books and sipping ice tea too, once or twice. And maybe, possibly, meet some friends. But mostly, I will cook. My kitchen cabinets are bursting with groceries I want to try, and my calendar is bursting with recipes I have scribbled on small papers. I will cook, and I will blog about it too - something I haven´t really had time for these last weeks.

See you in the kitchen and on the balcony next week! Tomorrow I am heading for the west coast of Sweden, meeting friends and above all meet a little boy for the first time. I hope you too will have a nice weekend!


Pene said...

Everyone deserves a little 'down-time' to relax & re-energize themselves. I'm looking forward to seeing what you cook & blog about. Enjoy!

Steve said...

Have fun cooking, and EATING! Your vacation sounds like fun.

Tanna said...

Umm... a little boy for the first time. Fun. Eat well.