June 14, 2006

Warmer than Greece...

... was the headline in my local newspaper yesterday. Now it is cooler but the good weather will return tomorrow. I am enjoying the feeling that my vacation is drawing nearer and nearer, today in two weeks is my first day and then four weeks off! I really need to relax, since I work with politics and the elections is coming up in the middle of September. My holiday plans: first a weekend in Gothenburg visiting one of my best friends. Then a couple of days up north with my grandfather and grandmother. Then our famous trip around the Baltics beginning on Saturday evening July 8th when the ferry leaves for Riga. And then some sailing.

But, well, before I can relax the days are hectic and I don´t cook much at the moment - I read food blogs and magazines though and the pile of untried recipes is growing. I know most foodbloggers bookmark recipes to try but I write them down on small pieces of paper and store them in my calendar. This was the last I wrote down, picked from the magazine Land "the magazine for us who enjoy country living". I read it at work and their food section is really good. Doesn´t this sound tasty?

Rinse three fennel heads and slice them very finely. Squeeze over the juice from one lemon and add 50 ml of olive oil. Then gently squeeze the fennel with your hands until it softens a little, spice to taste with salt and pepper and serve as a salad.

What are your summer plans and what recipe do you look forward to try?


Pene said...

Kristina, are you just going to Riga? Or are you planning to visit Estonia? And Australia also won their match when they played against Japan!
The next 2 weeks will fly by & then you'll be sailing. Enjoy the sun!

Clivia said...

Pene, Riga is just the beginning... We will stay there for two days, then drive towards Ventspils where we will take the ferry over to Saaremaa, drive around a little, then go to Hiiumaa and then over to mainland Estonia. We will stay in Haapsalu probably and then meet up with my boyfriend´s parents at Roosta camping in Läänemaa. My mother-in-law is Estonian-Swedish and Roosta is near where she comes from. We will stay there for three days and then go up to Tallinn for one day, then home in the evening. Quite a trip, ten nights away!