August 19, 2006


At last my EBBP parcel arrived, after being stuck at the head post office in Montpellier for a week! As I said to Jeanne who is the hostess this round - we should all sign a petition or something for the postal support of us EBBP´ers who is waiting and waiting and waiting for our Secret Santa. The pshycological pressure is very serious and should be considered by European authorities. So there. Fortunately this time it seems lika I am the only one with a late parcel - read the round up here.

Anyway, my parcel comes from Cindy of Cindy´s kitchen in Montpellier, France and it arrived safely yesterday. It was a warm, sunny evening and I had some leftover Turkish bread from lunch and decided to treat myself and A with a Mediterranean delicacy plate with grilled chicken, vegetables, bulgur and a non-garlic-but-with-mint tzatziki. (Oh no, I forgot about the wine leaf dolmadas! They are still in the cupboard. Oh well...) And for dessert I opened my parcel! Cindy wrote that she didn´t know if I am a sweet or savoury girl so she had decided to send a little of this and a little of that. Well Cindy, I don´t know either but at this moment I wanted sweets and sweets I found!
  • 1 large bag of Carambars, Cindy´s favourite candy which is chewy candy bars in different flavours, very nice and practical little sweets - I am having one right now
  • 1 bar of Michel Cluziel chocolate, dark and rich!
  • 1 tin of condensed milk, I am particularly glad for this since I have found quite a few recipes which calls for this but it is hard to find it here
  • 1 bag of fruits made of almond paste, which happens to be a favourite in this household!

As for the savoury bit I got:

  • 1 tin of Cassoulet Toulousain, a stew with beans and meat and sausages which will come in handy some cold and rainy evening this autumn when I don´t feel like cooking (believe me, it happens!)
  • 1 small jar of mustard with Piment d´Espelette which I have heard of and has wanted to try for quite some time. Since I started with these food parcel sending I have got at least three jars of interesting mustard! Maybe I should send some myself next time!

The picture might not be so very good, unfortunately, but it is all there together with my geraniums on the balcony. Thank you so much Cindy for all these goodies and thank you Jeanne for organising this! I am looking forward to next round of EBBP but first a round of BBM, in the end of this month.


Jeanne said...

Yaaaay! I just popped by on the off chance that yuor parcel had arrived - and here it is! Looks like Cindy has outdone herself again (warning - those Carambars are ADDICTIVE!) - and I'm very jealous of the cassoulet ;-) Thanks for playing along!

Brazilian Linda said...

vilket trevligt paket du fick! Men är det så svårt att få tag på kondenserad mjölk o sv? Här används det hur mkt som helst! Kul med lite olika saker från andra länder.. :)

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